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Japanese cypress (old) tinkling bell abyss (old) V X ten thousand (old) pass through candlelight tough lamp (old) back (old) park (alternate) shop (alternate) island (alternate) summit (alternate) plains (old) dragon (old) patronage deafness longing (old) Point (old) country (old) shin formidable enshrine exorcism dither longevity (old) hesitate bean jam retch snapping turtle span (old) go smoothly minstrel adjutant comely condone fork in a road bliss hire biased augury heaven-high start lofty high mountain rocky boulder (old) southeast mottled mandate pillage churn up parasol tree depressed circumspect cheer fuse metal silicon precious stone offspring cage (Joyo version) crowd Bldg. (old) rose of Sharon prevarication advise body (old) cultured arrowhead