Living Aikido Life

An Invitation to Learning. A Visual Oasis. A Dream in Action. The film is now FREE to stream and you can now immerse yourself in a visually and intellectually stimulating journey into the Art of Peace - Aikido. Living Aikido Life is a a documentary filled with amazing insight into Aikido's potential for a world at peace, great parenting and educational ideas, as well as practical daily life tips. Although the film is FREE to stream, please consider making a donation to support this project and future works upholding similar quality of content and production. Living Aikido Life was produced and distributed independently, which means that your support is invaluable. You simply can choose any amount you feel comfortable donating, knowing that you are supporting great quality content much needed for our turbulent times! Your support helps us move forward with creating new programs - especially focusing on education through movement. Thank YOU for your support and contribution! No amount is too little, no amount is too much. Donate what you can and please enjoy the movie. Bogdan Heretoiu, Living Aikido Life Executive Producer

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