Five Yoga Exercises for a very healthy back

The Secret of the Fountain of Youth!

This easy exercise cures back pain, makes your back strong and flexible.

For a start, try to do the exercises 5 or 10 times each.
You can work up to a maximum of 21 times each, once or twice a day.

Read the instructions:

  Five Yoga Exercises  (.pdf)
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  Five Yoga Exercises manual book  (.doc)

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I have reproduced these materials here, making them easier to print.
I hope this can help people.

Peter Kelder wrote the book about "The Five Rites",
The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth.   search
I bought and read this book, it has been a great help to me.

The nicely printable documents are copies of this webpage: TibetanRites.htm
  Copyright Mary Kurus 2001.
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These images are from: tibetans energy rejuvenation exercises.htm
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